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Energy Transition for Sustainability


Giant coal-fired power plants are replaced by much smaller wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and NG power plants which can be installed near load centers and strategically balance grids. Around 2.4 million of households in USA installed solar systems on their roofs as of 2018. Millions of energy devices such as energy storage batteries and EVs are deployed and connected to grids. 


The energy business is transitioning from investor-oriented to customer centric model. The customers want to have the rights of choice on the energy sources, trading and expenses for a sustainable community and great social responsibilities. The trend is prevailing across the country, evidenced by the established community solar programs and community choice aggregators.



The traditional fossil fuel energy is not sustainable and has been one of the major contributing sources of the CO2 which caused the climate change crisis. Thankful to the dramatic cost declines and technology advancements of renewable energies like wind and solar in the past decade, the choice of the renewable energies means not only a cleaner and more sustainable but also cheaper and more accessible energy sources.



We are passionate about the vision of a distributed, intelligent and clean energy system that can meet the increasing demands for efficiency, reliability, resilience, sustainability and affordability of energy. UPower Energy invests in the distributed clean energy generation, primarily with solar energy. We work with ESPs and grid operators to identify load profile characteristics, strategically allocate distributed energy resources, and build the renewable energy facilities from scratch.

We bring decades of experience in technology, policy, legal, construction and financing. We are proud of our track record of the successful development, contract execution and management of dozens of projects that have been servicing millions of homes clean and affordable energy in USA.


Our focuses are developing, financing, constructing and operating of the distributed renewable generations for ESPs, communities, commercial and industries to meet their demands for economical energy supplies and sustainability. 


The UPower team members have collectively completed dozens of transactions in renewable energy ranging from solar, wind to geothermal. The project sizes cover a wide spectrum from over hundred MWs to several MWs. They spread over states to pursue best returns for customers. Currently, UPower is developing distributed solar projects in CA, Texas and New England areas.



ESPs and communities are our partners rather than customers who either purchase renewable energy or select services from us. We will work closely with these partners to strategically plan energy procurement and allocate resources.

We are also work with peer developers, financiers, service providers and technology firms to continue advocate, promote and advance the distributed renewable energy.


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