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We are determined to subvert the fossil fuel power generation

We believe in people's rights of choice on energy supply and pursue of sustainable society 

We believe people all together can change the course of the climate change 

We are here to help our customer and peer partners to succeed

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Technology Guru

We know the power generation technologies! Throughout years of research, studies and practices, we've gained profound knowledge and know-how in energy generation and grid operation. 

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Proven Track Record

We have a long proven track record of all phases of project development, contracting, execution and financing. Over dozens of projects have been built and operated. 


The energy industry is evolving so quickly and any investment shall be made on a forward-thinking manner. We participate in the most advanced studies and researches of IoT, power generation, and grid edges to not only follow but also lead. 

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Partnership Oriented

We take the partnership seriously. It is our belief that we can only succeed when our partners succeed under our services. 

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